Evidence that I do actually read other people's blogs occasionally

2nd post of the day!  Wahey!  Can you tell it's nearly half-term?

But I'm only here to say that, if you like funny, you'll love Mrs Crayon.  If you don't already follow, go and see.  Her latest post made me giggle and giggle.  And that was just after watching Downton Abbey.  Tonight has been a rollercoaster of emotion.



  1. Oh Fran! Downton Abbey really had you in a state, didn't it?? Truly, so nice of you! It's such fun having bloggie friends with the same looney sense of humor!

  2. Thank you--I'm now a follower of Mrs. Crayon!!

  3. Since I'm a fan of funny, I'm going over there now. Thanks ;-)

  4. Loving Downton. Popped over & had a giggle thanks !


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