Evidence that we haven't heard the whole story behind the Merkel ale attack

My take on the Merkel beer story on Poetry 24

The truth behind the story


  1. Anonymous1/3/12 12:34

    Very funny! I've just looked at it on YouTube and love the way that she smiles bravely through it. With a somewhat fixed smile...

    Not Anon but Isabelle (stop doing this to me, Blogger, or I'll get me some beer and ...)

  2. Yes, her reaction is admirable. Just a teeny flicker of annoyance, and then, all over. Back to business.

  3. Just finished "Being Miss"--loved it!!!~

    1. Yay! You wouldn't write me a review on Amazon, would you? Say what you liked? I'm really glad you enjoyed it. In my opinion, you should write your own funny book. You are hilarious.


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