Reasons why you should read Fran and Bunyan side by side

I wrote an article for the TES Magazine (used to be the Times Educational Supplement) about what to do in the last five minutes of a lesson and how John Bunyan was inspired to write an allegory of the typical English lesson called 'Pilgrim's Progress'.

You can read it if you like.

Fran's article, with reference to Bunyan

Although it's obviously a more minor text, you could also read Pilgrim's Progress, if you fancy it.

Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress' with no reference to Fran whatsoever

Bunyan was distraught - his new book had just gone off to the printer and he realised
that he had forgotten to mention Fran.  Who's going to read it now? he thought, in despair.


  1. Oh, Lord. I also forgot to mention you in my book. Oh, wait. I haven't finished! I still have time. Hope I don't get run over by a bus before I get your name in the book.

    Janie Lola

    1. If you get run over by a bus, you will definitely get your book published. That's the kind of story they like. Unfortunately, you won't be around for the royalties.

  2. I usually find that the session ends tidily with a couple of hearty choruses of "Under a little bridge , sits a crocodile and everyone that rides past .... he bites their bottom !!!", a slightly too late dash to the loo with someone who has misjudged his/her capacity to hang on , the handing out of works of art dripping wool , macaroni( uncooked) , glitter and bogeys .... and hunting for someone's He-can't-go-to-bed-without-this .
    But ours aren't in the run-up to GCSEs .

    1. The GCSE kids still do the loo thing ...

  3. Ah yes, such fun it was, being a teacher. Actually, I wish you'd posted this before I retired. I would have stolen these ideas. Now, I think I'll just stroll outside and do a bit of weeding.

  4. I'd normally be jealous of your retirement activities, but I actually think I'm better at spotting the difference between a C and a B essay than I am the difference between a weed and a proper plant. Safer in the classroom ...

  5. What a fab teacher you are, Fran. Those ideas are excellent - all of them - especially perhaps the practising of 'What did you learn in English today?' - helping both the pupils and the parents! You multi-tasker, you. :)

  6. Thanks for reading, Jayne. As for fab teacher, I'll freely accept your opinion, but just don't ask any of my students for back-up ....


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