Reasons why a fairy tale wolf ends up with time on his hands

Well, here I am, knowing that my son's wife is in labour, and waiting for a phone call to say, 'You are officially a Granny!  Get in that rocking chair NOW!'

So, while I wait, I thought I would post another of the shortened fairy tales I will be using with my grandchild if I'm babysitting but really wanting to watch telly and eat Cadbury's Milk Tray.

And, anyway, someone requested this one ....

The Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs lived with their mother.  One day, the pigs decided they would seek their fortunes, so off they went, knapsacks over their shoulders.  On the way, they spotted a wolf who seemed to be eyeing them speculatively.
‘We’d better build ourselves houses to live in,’ said one pig, ‘otherwise that wolf might get us.’  The others agreed this was a good plan.
They decided to build the first house out of twigs. 
‘Who’s going to live in this twig house, then?’ asked the eldest pig.  ‘Because I certainly don’t want to.’
Both of the other pigs looked at their older brother and shook their heads.
            ‘You won’t get me living in a dump like that,’ said one.  ‘I’d freeze in the winter and roast in the summer.’
‘Me neither,’ said the other, folding his arms across his plump chest.
A fight ensued which left them all much pinker than usual.
‘Oh, stuff this for a game of soldiers,’ said the older pig. ‘Let’s go back to mother.  She was cooking toad in the hole tonight.’
As they headed back up the garden path, one of the younger pigs wondered if he should tell his older brother what ‘toad’ really meant, but decided to stay quiet.  There’d been enough trouble that day already.
The wolf, confused, sat by the twig house, wondering.  Unexpectedly deprived of an opportunity to huff and puff and huff and puff and huff and puff, he mooched off, muttering that fairy tale pigs weren't what they  used to be, dammit.  

The wolf rushed home and checked the ending of the story.  He decided that
there were some advantages, after all, to fairy tales which ended unexpectedly 


  1. Ooh... congratulations (nearly).

  2. The only way you're going to shorten the wait is to climb up a very high ladder with a pot of paint .
    THEN the phone will ring .

  3. I'd like to preorder a complete book of shortened fariy tales--they're wonderful!!

  4. Cooking toad in the hole? Yum?

  5. Toad in the hole? I'll have to Google that one.


  6. Are the pigs under 25? 'Cos if Cameron gets his way no-one under 25 will be allowed to move out of home anyway.


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