Evidence that, for one thing, Fran's going to leave litter where it is

Things I did this week that made me feel silly.


1.  A child at school barged through a door rather than holding it open for me, so that I had to stand aside, and I apologised and thanked him automatically.  

2. On my way to an A level class, I picked up three chocolate bar wrappers and a sandwich wrapper in a school corridor, intending to find the nearest bin, but then couldn't see one.  I arrived at my lesson clutching the sheaf of wrappers, looking as though I'd binged on fast food between the English Department and the Sixth Form Centre.  And I felt as guilty as if I had.

3. In bed one night this week, I dreamt about a giant wooden spider - imagine an arachnoid Trojan Horse, with elbow joints - and woke myself up yelling 'Aarrrggggh!'

4. I was on a train from London to Leamington Spa and an elegant* lady sat next to me, trim and fashionably-dressed.  I tried not to doze off, but I did, and woke with a sudden snort.  To her credit, she didn't move a muscle in response.

* How come elegant rhymes with elephant?

5. I told a joke to some people which didn't come out right, but they were really kind about it and laughed a lot, which made me feel worse.

6. I tried to take my first ever selfie with my mobile phone while I was on a train, but was so horrified by the image I saw, whatever angle I tried, that I decided against it, then accidentally took a photo of the back of a seat instead.

7. I got lost in London because I failed to see the Post Office Tower.


  1. Not too silly. For me, is a week of walking into the shower with your glasses on.

    1. Ah ... more and more I need my glasses with me in the bathroom to make sure I'm not using toilet cleaner as shampoo.

  2. One of the morals of this story: when carrying chocolate wrappers around make sure you are the one that has actually eaten the chocolate.

    1. No, no. You've got it all wrong. If I had eaten that much chocolate, I'd have found myself a bin for the wrappers however long it took.

  3. I am the elegant lady on the train. I thought your snort was quite adorable. Care to meet in London?


  4. What? Is the Post Office Tower not there any more?

    1. It certainly is. I just happened not to see it when I needed it to get my bearings.


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