Evidence that fairy tales are not immune from a Christmas reworking

Long-term followers might have read this one before, but I thought I'd give it a Christmas airing.

A sequel to the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, subtitled, ‘Always check that meat is properly cooked’

A family of pigs, brothers three,
were leaping around, Christmas Eve.
The wolf had been caught (or so they had thought).
From his huff and his puff, they were free.

Relieved at the end of their scare,
they danced round the fire, unaware
that in that hotpot was a wolf who was not
fully cooked, but just medium rare.

As they went off to bed, closed the door,
from the pot there protruded a paw.
Though more warm than he’d like, he’d not give up the fight.
A poor sign for the porcine, for sure.

He’d wait until midnight, then soon,
he planned by the light of the moon
to exit that pot, give those piggies a shock,
and be gorging on trotters by noon.

But all of a sudden, his light
was blocked out by a terrible sight.
A HUGE man with a beard down the chimney appeared.
Wolfie peed in the gravy with fright.

 ‘Ho ho HO,’ said the man, with such cheer
that the wolf yelped (a coward, I fear).
‘I thought you got COOKED at the end of the book.’
‘Not quite.’  Wolfie brushed off a tear.

The piggies awoke with a start,
terror clutching at each little heart.
They crept into the room, peered through the gloom
(and here is the heartwarming part).

Not believing their own piggy eyes
they stared at the scene in surprise.
The wolf, there with Santa, engaging in banter
and eating their home-made mince pies!

‘Oh, there you all are!’ Santa said.
‘I’m afraid it’s bad news.  He’s not dead.
But now we’re all here, it’s the season of cheer,
so why don’t we make friends instead?’

They shook trotters and paws, and drank wine.
Prematurely they sang Auld Lang Syne.
And the wolf, somewhat shaken, said he’d been mistaken
and would chase little lambsies next time.

How was he going to tell Mrs Wolf that he'd had to pick up a pizza instead of the pork he'd promised her? 


  1. A fun poem, although slightly disturbing if you happen to be next year's lamb. Happy Holidays.

  2. Fun poem, but slightly disturbing if you happen to be next year's lamb. Happy holidays.

    1. Yes, all lambsies beware! Thanks for your comment, Stephen, and have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Thank you for reworking this traditional tale with the seasonal themes of forgiveness and reconciliation. It's the Christmas truce all over again ;) Loved it :)

    1. You've seen themes in it I hadn't even thought about!

  4. I LOVE all your fairy tale stories--Happy Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, fishducky. One day I'll write a book of them. I like doing them.

  5. Love it! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. That's a lovely tale, Christmas spirit all round.
    Love the final cartoon.

    1. Thanks, River! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  7. There's a turkey somewhere thinking, "Yes, very nice. But what about ME?!?!?"

    1. Its turn will come, I'm sure. Turkey ... murky ....

  8. Good will to all men...and pigs ...and wolves. Merry Christmas !

    1. Merry Christmas, BP! Good will to all blog followers, too ..


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