Evidence that you can use a duck-billed platypus to say almost anything

Just a reminder that, on my new blog, once a week or maybe twice I'm posting up ideas, tips and exercises - along with a few laughs - for anyone who loves to write.

There are a few posts up there now. Today's is about using a variety of sentence types to lift your writing style.

Go and have a look or recommend to any writer friends. And follow to get regular updates.  Here's the link.

Writing with the use of a duck-billed platypus


  1. I tried to become a follower of the new blog. I wasn't allowed. Is it off limits to everyone or only me?


    1. I will look into it. Silly Blogger. (Not you, obviously.)

  2. I'll try to be less exclamatory in the future, now I know it puts you off your scran .

    1. I had to look up 'scran'. You learn something new ....


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