Evidence that notes for your loved ones can carry the most tender messages

If I've posted this poem of mine before, it was back in the Edwardian era when I started the blog, and those followers have died now, or got bored, or perhaps died of boredom, so here it is again.

It's called Love Note, and I think you'll sense the fond feelings and affection coming through.

Love note

You're late - I've gone to Mother's.
Your stew is in the dog.
The Peugeot’s got a teeny dent.
I’m never good in fog.
Johnny's at the Youth Club
and needs picking up at ten.
Kate’s at that new boyfriend’s house.
She didn't say 'til when.
The washer in the kitchen tap
is letting water through.
The dog has chewed your slippers
And your brand new ipad too.

The cat’s had tummy trouble
and has had some in your shed.
The rabbit’s looking peaky
and the hamster’s looking dead.
The TV's going uh-uh-uh.
I can’t work out what’s up.
The dishwasher won’t open
and the freezer door won’t shut.
A tile slid off the roof today
and cracked a paving stone
as well as an old lady.
A lawyer said he’d phone.

The bank has sent some letters.
I’ve put them in the rack.
We’ve had five bills from Barclaycard.
One of them’s in black.
Your mother’s sent a letter too.
She says she’s changed her will.
She’s leaving you with fifty quid
and the mansion to uncle Bill.
The neighbour’s jukebox just arrived.
Their party starts at nine.
I might be back by Monday.
or might not.
Love Caroline. 

And this poem wasn't one of them. 


  1. Replies
    1. Well, that was a result, then! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Anonymous30/6/15 15:27

    That says it all, doesn't it?

    1. I think it sums up a family life pretty well.

  3. Brilliant, Fran. It deserves a 2nd publishing.

  4. You made me laugh, and that's not easy to do lately.


  5. Echoing Debra She who Seeks. It's fabulous.

    1. Thanks! It's a simpler poem than many I write and the positive reaction to this one makes me wonder if I over complicate things.

  6. I now have warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Or it might be despair.


    1. Warm, fuzzy despair sounds okay to me. That pretty much sums life up!

  7. Great one, Fran! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Great fun from she has had very little sleep and feeling very grumpy x

    1. Oh dear. I hate losing sleep. I nearly stayed up last night to watch the England women play Japan then thought better of it as it wouldn't have ended until 2.30 and as it ended with an England own goal I think I made the right choice!!

    2. I went to a live screening of Carmen at our village community centre. I was so wide awake when I got home & husband had fallen asleep with some God awful music blaring out of his laptop, I got annoyed !
      I should have stayed up a while while the house settled x

  9. Dear Caroline
    Read your love note. Realised my life is far more bleak than I suspected. I won't be coming back on Monday, or ever. You can have everything.
    So long!

    1. I love the way you sent this to Caroline!

  10. Brilliant :D A good laugh was had, as always. Such is the language of true love :) Funny funny lady...


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