Evidence that Fran obviously has work to do that she's avoiding

My husband bought me some Ferrero Rocher chocolates for my birthday. Unfortunately for you, it got me thinking.

Q. What do you call hazelnut chocolates you eat too quickly?

A. Ferrero Rusher.

Q. What's it called when you divide a box of hazelnut chocolates evenly between two of you?

A. Fairero Rocher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate that accidentally landed on your cat before you ate it?

A. Furrero Rocher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate to which you are allergic?

A. Ferrero Rasher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate that's a frustratingly long way from where you are on the sofa and you can't be bothered to get up and fetch it?

A. Too Farrero Rocher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate when you're being colloquial?

A. Ferrero Nosher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate that goes 'Boo!' in the night?

A. Fearero Rocher.

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate which you drop and which then bounces against a wall, then against the coffee table, before landing in your lap?

A. Ferrero Ricochet

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate that turns out to be a long-lost parent?

A. Fathero Rocher

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate that enjoys homely crafts and makes shawls?

A. Ferrero Crochet

Q. What do you call a hazelnut chocolate dressed up in a fur hat and reading Tolstoy in the snow?

A. Ferrero Russian.

Q. What do you call a philosophical hazelnut chocolate who believes children should be educated outdoors?

A. Ferrero Rousseau.

Q. What do you call a box of Ferrero Rocher that Fran has owned for two days?

A. Empty.

I'm going to stop there, because I could do this for hours and hours, and I am supposed to be writing a novel.


  1. Thank goodness you use your powers for good, not evil (as far as I can tell).
    With a brain as fertile as yours, I shudder to think of the worlds you could conquer.

    1. 'Fertile' puts quite a positive spin on what happened here! But thanks anyway!

  2. That was even better than your last post :-)))))

    1. Thank you kindly! And I'm going to steal the way you did that emoticon. Here's a practice. :-)))))

  3. I wouldn't have time to be thinking of jokes, I'd be too busy stuffing myself with the chocolates.

    1. Well, first I did one, and then the other. You can guess which came first.

  4. Haha! You're not off sick by any chance are you? Great japes...

    1. Cabin fever is driving me a little crazy, as you can tell!

  5. What do you call Fran's post about those scrumptious chocolates when you don't have a box of your own ?
    Notfairero Rocher

  6. You can have another box after you've finished your novel . In fact , you can go all Barbara Cartland and have two ...

    1. Ooh, thanks for the permission. I'll let you know (in 2025 when I've finished the novel) when I'm eating them.

  7. .. thanks for the chuckles Fran..... I love these hazelnut chocolates too...
    Have a great day.. hugs... Barb xxxx

    1. I was going to say 'What's there not to like about hazelnut chocolates?' but in fact my husband doesn't like them. ALIEN!!

  8. Happy Birthday a bit late! And how delightful to see you still inhabit Blogland. Glancing down my reading list a few moments ago, it seems as though there has been a huge exodus over the past few years...Now, there's a good question for you to ponder. Where do old bloggers go?!
    Thinks...are they ground up to provide the nutty bits in your chocs? ♥

    1. Hi Jinksy! Yes, still here, eight or so years later, turning out blog posts about once a week, maybe twice in school holidays. Every time I write one, I think I'll never have another idea again. And then.... But I guess that's the writer's permanent state, isn't it? Thanks for your comment, although I'll view nutty chocolates in a different light now ...


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