A sonnet in honour of chocolate

As it's Shakespeare's birthday today, and Easter is still in our minds, I thought I'd post a sonnet I wrote in honour of chocolate, and celebrate both at once.

A shout-out to Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, too. HI, ELIZABETH!

Anyway, sonnet and chocolate nearly rhyme, so it makes sense to put them together.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love you when you're cast in bunny shape
or in a simple slab from Sainsburays
or from the fridge, or melted, or in cake.

I love a Minstrel cool upon my palm.
I love a Cadburys button on my tongue.
I find it hard to stop - you have such charm -
before I know it, I've had twenty-one.

I love you whether white or Swiss or Belgian.
I want you to myself. I do not share.
I'll eat you 'til my little belly's bulging
and I can barely get up from my chair.

Oh, chocolate! I'll love you 'til I die
(though when I do, you'll be the reason why).

Someone said 'I've brought you chocolate. Dive in'. So ... 


  1. Ahhhh! Three quatrains with the rhyming couplet. Reminds me of those hours explaining them, demonstrating them, assigning them, and then reading them.
    And leaves me with the warm, fuzzy reminder that I'm retired and Never. Have. To. Do. That. Again.
    Almost as good as chocolate.

    1. Retirement does indeed sound delicious!!

  2. ... great post..... I love everything chocolate too ... your poem made me smile .. xxxx ... Barb xxxx

    1. Thanks, Barb. I suspect that anyone who doesn't like chocolate may be missing a gene?

  3. Brilliant! Your version is much better. Makes me want to pay a visit to the corner shop. Now.

    1. Isn't your corner shop Waitrose? I think you should get some pukka chocolate from there ...

  4. Five years ago I would have agreed with you. These days I find I can go for weeks, sometimes months, without even looking at the stuff in the supermarket, much less buying any.

  5. A Minstrel doesn't stay cool on my palm for long as it's popped in my mouth with another so the shells can crack to get to the chocolate inside; likewise with Cadbury mini eggs.

    1. Yes, the old adverts for them used to say how they don't melt in your hand, but that always assumed you left them there for some time. WEIRD!!

  6. So heartfelt, true and beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Three compliments in a row!


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