Reasons why not to get on stage should you have even a warning tickle in your throat ...

I've been looking at lists of classic songs again (yes, again) and thinking, if I were a famous singer, and I suddenly developed acute laryngitis mid-song during a concert, what would be the song lyric I WOULDN'T want to be singing at the time for fear of being laughed off stage?

I just called to say I love you
But I have to say I love you in a song
Have I told you lately that I love you?
More than Words
Careless Whisper
The Sound of Silence
Listen, do you want to know a secret?
Let's call the whole thing off
Say a little prayer for you
Poetry in Motion
Hard to Say I'm Sorry
I Apologize
I could not Ask for More
No Woman No Cry
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
This I Swear
You say it Best When You Say Nothing at All
Words Get in the Way
Tell Laura I Love Her
Got to Get a Message to You

Okay, okay, there's no sound coming out.  But if I hear one TITTER from any of you, you'll be SKEWERED.


  1. When I'm Calling You,


    A Hoarse With No Name?

  2. "Talk Talk" by (funnily enough) Talk Talk...?

  3. I wouldn't tell you no lie
    Run that by me one more time

    Though maybe the last one's better sung as a duet , in this case ?

  4. "Oh brother, I can't I can't get through,
    I've been trying hard to reach you cause I don't know what to do
    Oh brother I can't believe it's true
    I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
    Oh, I wanna talk to you"

    Coldplay's 'Talk'

  5. I just happened to be listening to 'Talk Show Host' by Radiohead while reading this. Brilliant.

  6. I think " You say it best when you sy nothing at all " is inspired & gets my vote !

    I have a husky voice at the mo - demanded antibiotics from the Doc & had a celebrationary coffee with friends. We then stood chatting on the corner for about forty minutes during which time my Dotor passed twice. I looked like such a phony standing there rabbitting away without a care in the world !

  7. These are all brilliant suggestions. Bad Penny - that was funny! You are indeed bad.

  8. Fran, you have too much time on your hands gal!!... how about 'the sound of silence' or 'you take my breath away!!

  9. Or maybe if you have a sore throat, silence is golden..........

  10. Hope your voice is back've obviously had too much time to think lately!

  11. Annie/Nana - is it me, or are you both insinuating that you feel this post is too shallow and lacking in eternal significance ...?

  12. Hehe! Love Martin H's 'A Hoarse With No Name'! :)

  13. This is all terribly funny, but, children, do get back to work now.

    And where do all these lists of yours come from, Fran?

    I knew it, they pay our teachers far too much; I shall have to set George Osborne on you. He hasn't demonised lazy layabout teachers yet.

  14. just had a look at your reading list. I love Wilkie C. but hadn't heard about the one you mention here. Will get it soonest. B.K.'s "T.P.B." is one of my all-time favs. too. I see I must pay more attention to your side bar.

  15. Friko - the lists come from me googling 'lists of classic song titles' or something similar and then looking for the ones I want. Whaddya mean, get a life?

    You will LOVE 'The Law and the Lady', I guarantee.


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